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'Everyone knows someone who needs a KiSS'

"At KiSS we understand how hard it is to appreciate the benefits and 'VALUE' of KiSS systems with so many cheaply made 'ill-conceived'  products on the market. So we are offering our top of the line system, in Kangaroo leather at an introductory price. 

Kangaroo is the strongest leather on the planet and is a limited resource.  It is however the best material for the job, and I, as the designer cannot compromise on the safety of you or your children or employees, can you?

We make the same systems in the same materials and process for YOU, as we do elite athletes, because to us, every daughter or son is worth a 'million dollars'.

Remember the long term risks of disability from ankle sprains is real, as are the short term costs of time off work, physical therapy, and on top of that, pain and suffering.

Using tape or existing braces has never been shown to lead to repair and many question the affect on lower limb biomechanics and high failure rates. They have no 'medical intent'.

KiSS X is not a is a medical system designed to prevent, repair and regenerate ankle sprains."

Craig J Hubbard - Head R&D - Founder

Are cheap old school systems really worth the risk and the costs when you add them up?