KiSS Introduction

Medical Intent: KiSS is a MEDICAL DEVICE that just happens to prevent as well !

The KiSS Ankle system is a tape/brace hybrid medical device for the prevention and rehabilitation of lateral ankle sprains, and as such we have directed the patient to you to consider prescribing the KiSS for rehabilitation and/or prevention of lateral ankle sprain. Any Ankle Surgeon will confirm "tape can not repair the ATFL" yet the practice has become widespread, as have braces that try to mimic the restrictive intent of taping, especially in Pro Sport and physiotherapy.

In order for the current practices to change, Doctors and Surgeons, Athletic Trainers and Physiotherapists, need to work together to PRESCRIBE the KiSS paradigm, most likely for the patient or athlete who has introduced you to KiSS.  However you came to be here, it is intended that we support and train you, so that you and the patient can make an informed and educated decision, TOGETHER. Doctors evaluation and prescription of the KiSS system may also aid use in rehabilitation by allied professionals who may not have the Medical Authority to prescribe, and therefore 'stick' with current practices.


KiSS is the only ankle system designed with medical intent and an appreciation of 'optimal loading' of ligament, cartilage and bone, and the power of the body to repair under these conditions. The abstract of the original research conducted before design (Form Follows Function) was first released in June 2018 at The FIFA Medical Center for Excellence/Barcelona F/Barcelona FC Innovation Hub Isokinetic medical conference at Camp Nou. 'Digesting' this research will lead to an understanding that restriction of inversion, as a means of prevention and during rehabilitation, is not only illogical, but the evidence suggests may indeed be harmful.



Rehabilitation is essentially the same, except the restitution of confident weight bearing means these 'milestones' are met more quickly. You will notice quite obviously the difference a KiSS makes to mobility within minutes of applying it to an acute sprain. I have been doing that with professional athletes and with ankle surgeons for a long time, then formally released the system in Spain in June and now they are with several Major League Baseball teams, 2 NBA teams, and I am instructing Orthopaedic surgeons, Doctors and Physiotherapists around the globe, just as we hope to with you.